Los Alamos County

County-Wide Process Management and Knowledge Retention


Customer Background

PMCS maintains a hosted inProcess™ database for the entire Los Alamos County.  As of December 2011, PMCS has been granted two contracts with the County, which serve two separate entities: the Department of Public Utilities and Administrative Services.


Department of Public Utilities

Los Alamos County Department of Public Utilities (DPU) is New Mexico's only 4-service, not-for-profit, publicly owned utility company.  They provide the Los Alamos County community with electric, natural gas, water, and wastewater services, and have done so for more than 40 years.  In 2008, the DPU added centralized customer service for the County to its services by merging the DPU Customer Service function to create a unified 311 Customer Care Center.  DPU is unique because of their multi-faceted organizational structure.


Administrative Services

The Incorporated County of Los Alamos, Administrative Services Department (ASD) consists of the following departments: 1) Information Technology, 2) Records Management, 3) Office of Management and Budget, 4) Human Resources, 5) Procurement and Material Management, and 6) Risk.  All six (6) of these departments work together, in come capacity, and will be participating in the Business Process Management efforts with PMCS.



Both DPU and ASD purchased inProcess™, and are working with PMCS Business Process Analysts, to design, develop, implement, and maintain their own Business Process Management System (BPMS).  Their goal is to document all of their field and office processes, which can be used as a training tool for their employees.  They plan to incorporate a process improvement program in the near future, as well as initiate a Baldrige Journey.


Customer Challenge

When PMCS first began work with DPU and ASD, there was little to no process documentation.  The majority of all process information was labeled as "in-your-head knowledge," which put the County at great risk.  PMCS therefore spent a great deal of time in the beginning, establishing a repeatable process capturing processes, to make sure everything was being accounted for.



PMCS Business Process Analysts began inputting pre-developed and moderately documented processes into inProcess™.  DPU's Subject Matter Expert's (SME's) and PMCS then worked together to develop processes from scratch by conducting PMCS' own "walk-the-process" method.  Defining the purpose of the process was the first step, then identifying each step as a team was the net step.  From this meeting, a process map and document was formulated concurrently within inProcess™.  Lastly, the map and document was reviewed by the SME team for validity.  This ensured that the process flow was concise, and each step was accurate.


In December of 2011, PMCS began to map and document key organizational processes for ASD that affected all six (6) departments mentioned above, with the initial project focus placed on Procurement and the Acquisition Process for materials and services.  PMCS Process Analysts facilitated "walk-the-process" meetings with ASD SME's in order to capture the full process from "Cradle-to-Grave."  The result was a fully populated inProcess™ database with automated process information for ASD to use to standardize process performance.  Further, ASD intends to re-tain their workforce, using process maps and documents created by PMCS, as well as perform initial training for incoming employees.


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